Buying Tips for Telescopic Zoom for All Type Mobile

Buying Tips for Telescopic Zoom for All Type Mobile

Tips to select a best deal for telescopic zoom lens.

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        Recently i came to know one interesting accessory for mobile phones and iphone ,yes its 8X Telescopic Zoom lens for All type of camera mobile and iphones with Universal Lens holder.I swear how it work for my mobile whether it suit for my mobile .how is the performance and quality? like this many question raised up. Searched lots of site i found nothing about this product. Found few videos and demonstration about the lens in youtube and some site.but still no proof and comments about this product.i have interested in photography , having SonyEricsson ELM Mobile it features 5MP Camera but no zoom , i take lots of pictures but disappointed due to lack of zoom functionality. I hope this product will really help me out of this problem , so i plan to purchase this product.

      In most of the Chinese site i saw this 8X telescopic zoom lens,most of the site having low quality lens and comment also feels bad. My first research is to find the best out of this product . so reviewed various site and Product finally there comes zoom lens with better quality that is

 Bushnell 8x Telescopic zoom lens

  it has 8x zoom feature with universal lens holde ,picture taken from this lens find below

Picture taken from 8X Telescopic zoom lens from my SE ELM Mobile phone

Picture taken without zoom

Picture taken with 8X Telescpic zoom lens

See the difference between with zoom lens and without zoom lens, you can clearly see the picture of the moon from you ordinary mobile phone with minimum 5MP range or higher you can make wonder.

My favourity picture taken by SE ELM using 8x Telescopic zoom lens

Without ZOOM lens

With 8X Zoom lens

Without Zoom lens

With Zoomlens

Click here to view Youtube Videos

Pricing factor:

 Next thing is to compare the price list from all the site, Most of the site they are placing order above 30-70$ + shipping cost . Ohh my god i swear price rate is so high but i like to purchase the product for Low rate how it will be possible with free shipping. I sorted out few Sites with free shipping cost.


They are offering for 12-20$ price range with Free shipping.

  I Purchase product from at new year offer at 12$ .i shared my experience about dinodirect at

I hope this information will help you more to know about the product.

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